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Mrs. Butcher enters the Garden, ready to compete with other Great Pyrenees exhibitors for top awards.

Her Cote de Neige Kennels were established in the 1930s and her influence on the breed was monumental.

Marjorie Butcher had an outstanding eye for breed type and her breeding program produced many outstanding Great Pyrenees. 

Marjorie stressed the importance of maintaining top quality bitches in a breeding program.

Her Great Pyrenees were held in high regard both by her fellow exhibitors as well as by the judges under whom her dogs were shown.

The famous Quibbletown Kennels were essentially founded on the dogs of Cote de Neige and, Seaver and Edith Smith were mentored by Marjorie Butcher.

In the Pembroke Welsh Corgi ring too, Marjorie Butcher excelled as a breeder and exhibitor of quality, typey dogs.

Her success with Pembroke Welsh Corgis was reflected in her many National Specialty Best of Breed wins. Ch. Cote de Neige Pennysaver ROMX, was among her heralded Corgis.

Edith Smith stated to this writer "Marjorie Butcher established type in two breeds, Great Pyrenees and Pembroke Welsh Corgis".

Seaver added, " Marjorie was a breeder's breeder".


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