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Our website presents many aspects of our involvement with Great Pyrenees.

We have been Great Pyrenees fanciers, hobbyists and have loved the breed since 1971.

It was a privilege to have enjoyed and loved so many wonderful Great Pyrenees for so many wonderful years and to look into their beautiful expressive eyes and see their love returned.

We enjoyed being with our dogs in the brightest days of sunlight as well as the harshest nights of a winter blizzard.

Our website is a tribute, a memorial and, an historic based website.

Although we present but a few of our Great Pyrenees on our site, our site serves as a tribute and memorial to each and every one of our many dogs, all of whose personality and physical qualities so well represented the traits and characteristics we believe are the essence of the breed.



We present and pay tribute to some of our friends whose determination to advance and enhance the best of their Great Pyrenees dogs remains heralded and unparalleled throughout the passage of so many decades.



Mary Berman photograph

Bottom left John Cobb, Cobberidge;  Mary Crane, Basquaerie
Top left Forest Droster, Whispering Pines;  Steve Berman, Snowbear



And we also present and pay tribute to those folks and those dogs of yore, whose contributions should not be allowed to silently slip and fade into the depths of Great Pyrenees history, so their historic roles too, we commemorate.


Great Pyrenees OnLine

We have presented Great Pyrenees OnLine for over 20 years.

Our site since inception was historic based in nature and included informational components.

Our goal was to present to the emerging and growing online audience the dogs and the people who had such a profound influence on so many years of our lives.

To this end we presented and emphasized the accomplishments of those whose decades old achievements made possible the dogs we loved and enjoyed for our many decades.

We presented a series of original articles written expressively for this site and a variety of illustrations.

And we also presented a series of old Great Pyrenees news clippings as a "fresh approach" to early breed history. 

We also presented a number of our dogs who we believe continue in essence the ideals and goals of breeders long past.

Most of the topics, articles, photographs, and illustrations have been OnLine on our site for the past 15 - 20 years.

Seaver Smith was an active, contributing member of our website since its inception in 1997.

Seaver's original articles, his interactions with many visitors to our site and, the numerous historic photographs and pedigrees he and Edie gifted us over the years serve to enhance our website.

We remain grateful to Seaver for his early contributions to the success of our website.

Paul Strang too, gifted us with numerous historic photographs, historic breed and club documents, old pedigrees and, breed books and memorabilia over many, many years.

A number of  the historic  items from Paul have been presented on our website over the years and we are grateful to Paul for his gifts.

Paul was very pleased that a number of the photographs and items he gave us over the years were used on our website to help educate the public about the history of the Great Pyrenees breed.

Mary Berman, Snowbear, with Paul Strang

We do not have Great Pyrenees puppies or adult Great Pyrenees dogs for sale nor do we offer Great Pyrenees stud service. 

We are not breeders of Great Pyrenees.

We are neither a business nor a commercial enterprise.

We present both matters of fact and matters of opinion on this site, done in an effort to disseminate accurate breed information to the general public founded on years of study, experience, and ownership.

As you read this site read all statements regarding any overall Great Pyrenees show and breeding records as pertinent to and in context of a period up to 1997. A number of top breed records have since been surpassed by dedicated breeders and exhibitors.

Do note however - you must rely on your own Veterinarian, your own breeder, your personal circumstances and, your own counsel regarding any aspect of the Great Pyrenees breed.

The ownership of a Great Pyrenees dog, as it is with any purebred dog or any mixed breed dog, is a serious undertaking.

We urge you to be a caring, conscientious, knowledgeable and responsible dog and pet owner.

Great Pyrenees Rescue Organizations as well as Humane Societies are often overwhelmed and overflowing with unwanted dogs.

So many wonderful dogs are in need of homes that may never materialize. 

If you are convinced a Great Pyrenees is the breed for you, consider obtaining a Great Pyrenees from a credible rescue organization.


All photographs and articles are the property of the website owners, who exert copyright protection under the laws. No portion of this site shall be reproduced, transmitted, distributed, or stored in a retrieval system by any means whatsoever, without the express, written consent of the photographers, authors or site owners. Any excerpts must credit both the author and the Snowbear Great Pyrenees Website as the source of the excerpt.



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Our website is a tribute, a memorial and, an historic based website.

We are not breeders of Great Pyrenees and do not have puppies available.


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