Snowbear Great Pyrenees
Snowbear Puppies
CH Snowbear You Gotta Have Faith
CH Snowbear Ramona Lisa HOF
OFA Good - GP-3628G26M-T
OFA Excellent - GP-2566E24F
Dam of 1997 GPCA Record Setting
National Specialty Best of Breed Winner
under Mr. C. Seaver Smith

We created this section to show visitors the various growth and development stages puppies go through on their way to adulthood.

Great Pyrenees puppies may be born all-white or with a variety of color and markings.

All-white puppies remain all-white throughout their lifetime.

Some puppies are born with markings that fade as the puppy matures, while other puppies retain their markings as they mature.

It is also common to have coloration in the undercoat as well as the outer coat.

All-white puppies and marked puppies, also called blaireau, can be born in the same litter. All-white and blaireau dogs are equally acceptable in the breed.

We planned for and bred 14 Great Pyrenees litters over 46 years.
Puppies from our last litter are featured here.


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