Snowbear Great Pyrenees
is by Ultrasound!
This "First Look" really is a first look at the puppies!

You are viewing an Ultrasound image taken approximately 28 days from conception or 35 days prior to whelping.

By the use of Ultrasound we can confirm conception, get an approximation of the size of the litter and determine if the puppies are properly located and appear normal at this stage of pregnancy.

The Ultrasound images showed Ramona was carrying at least 5 puppies.

The Ultrasound procedure took less than 10 minutes, was non-invasive, and did not require anesthetic.

Ramona left the clinic with the glow of motherhood.

From this point on we could finalize planning for the litter including dietary changes for Ramona and preparing the "puppy room", and much more to insure a healthy pregnancy and delivery.


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