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The pups are 5 1/2 weeks old, and now live outside. They love the fresh air, sounds, and sights, and the chance to run, romp and play all day (and often at night, too!). Each gets "house time" daily, to make certain their adjustment to new homes is easy and problem free.


Every day is play day, and the Pyr pups play fast and furious. The most popular past time is trouncing your littermate, who in turn enjoys trouncing you. Their independence shows, as they race off in all directions during play time. It is good exercise, and we are careful to monitor the pups to avoid over exertion on hot days.

 "Gotcha" might be the thought of the prevailing sister, as she rolls and romps with her conquered sibling.

The pup on top tries to entice her reclining sister into action. The pups show the rich pigmentation and dark eyes essential to proper breed expression.

This pair took off after a squirrel that was scampering up and down the little tree. They were curious about the quick moving little critter, and at this age are very curious and interested in everything around them.

This girl has enjoyed her daily romps and adventures.

Time for R & R!

The pups have a large, chain link kennel in which they sleep. It keeps them secure and accounted for when they are unsupervised.

The puppy kennel is located directly behind the house within easy sight and sound of us.

The large exercise yards shown in the photo series above is completely fenced in.

They are fed 3 times a day in their kennel. In addition to three prepared meals, a fresh supply of dry puppy kibble is always available to the puppies. Their water buckets are refilled throughout the day, keeping their water supply fresh & cool.

The kennel is shaded both by tree shade, as well as shade screens across the top of the kennel. A well designed dog house is within the kennel to provide shelter. Their kennel run has a gravel base, which provides excellent footing, is easy to clean, and helps build strong feet.


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