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From left: Smiley, Hannah, Edie, and Liz

OK, early this morning our breeder gets the bright idea of training the 4 of us puppies to walk together! We were very surprised! We had been leash broken individually, but all 4 of us walking together? Would it work? We hadn't been this close together since our suckling days.


Left: Team Leader Smiley, Hannah, Edie, and Liz!

Guess our breeder had that dream again where he is some sort of a Pyrenees grand whisperer and decided to train 4 rambunctious fun loving Great Pyrenees puppies to walk around together on leads.

We were already leash broken so just maybe, possibly, the 4 of us could walk around together for training and be the subjects of a vanity photo shoot.

From Left: Liz, Smiley, Edie, and Hannah

This team walking thing tuned out to be a success! By walking and working together each of us should be more confident on lead and better able to be walked around in crowds with other dogs.

Liz and Hannah are set to keep on marching!

Liz, Smiley, and Hannah are off to visit the photographer! You might notice Smiley has "marked rings" under her eyes. It is not uncommon for some Pyr puppies to get "raccoon markings" around the eyes at 6-8 weeks of age, and have the same markings fade away between 3-5 months of age, as Smiley's are now doing. Hannah's once heavy facial markings are also fading. Edie also has fading markings. Liz, the least marked of the sisters, also has had considerable fading of her already light markings.

The lovely eye color and rich pigmentation of the all of the pups adds to their expressions.

It's not all work!

Good Edie! Good Liz! Good Smiley! Good Hannah!

Team lesson 1 is finally done!



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