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A Tragedy of War

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Baby was the foundation Great Pyrenees for Mme Vandermousen, proprietress of the Elevage of du Mont Picry, Frameries, Belgium. 

Bred by M. Abadie-Toulet of the famed Chenil du Pic du Jer, Lourdes, France, Baby was sold as a young adult to Mme. Vandermousen to launch her newly established kennels.

Sire: Roland du Pic du Jer

Tri - Int Ch Baby du Pic du Jer
w. October 28, 1933
Breeder: M. Abadie - Toulet Chenil du Pic du Jer
Owner: Mme. C. Vandermousen du Mont Picry

Dam: Aliane du Pic du Jer
This outstanding young Pyrenees quickly became a top show winner and a leading sire across the Continent in the late 1930s. 

The show and stud career of Baby and the show and breeding future of du Mont Picry Kennels held great promise.

The Pyrenees dogs and bitches of du Mont Picry were making a name for themselves in the show rings and breeder circles. Mme Vandermousen and her du Mont Picry Pyrenees had a most promising future.

However, the stark reality of World War II would alter the future of the Elevage of du Mont Picry.
The Mme and her Pyrenees dogs were located in proximity to the rage of the battlefield and in the path of the rapid advance of the invading army.
The Mme faced an urgent and difficult situation

She wisely feared for her dogs well being and safety should the invading forces occupy her premises, which appeared imminent.

In the past war (WWI) abuse and atrocities were often inflicted upon domestic animals. Time would not permit the Mme to relocate or to evacuate her dogs.

The Mme made a very difficult, heart breaking decision 
Baby and the beautiful dogs of du Mont Picry were humanely euthanized to spare them abuse or unspeakable harm.
The dogs of du Mont Picry were foreever lost to the breed.
The Mme herself suffered wounds during an ensuing battle and would never again venture into the world of Great Pyrenees.
In both World War I and World War II it was necessary for many kennel proprietors, stable owners, and farmers of live stock across Europe to disperse or destroy their animals as invading armies advanced.

Captured dogs may have been abused or shot for sport or used as sentry, guard, or pack dogs against their countries own military forces.
Horses may have been used as draft or pack animals while cattle and sheep would feed the invaders.

The decision of the Mme was a decision of humanity and courage
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