Snowbear Great Pyrenees
On the bench on either side of Mrs. Crane, left to right, the Pyrenees are:
Arizes de Soum of Basquaerie
Khiva and Kaira du Val d'Aure of Basquaerie
In front on the deck, left to right, the Pyrenees are:
Maya de Langladure of Basquaerie
Azun de Soum of Basquaerie
Arlette de Truchard of Basquaerie

The Cranes imported and escorted many Great Pyrenees from France and Europe to Knollwood, their estate in Needham, MA.

French breed authority, judge, and President of the R.A.C.P., M. Bernard Senac-Lagrange, often assisted the Cranes in recommending puppies and adult dogs for purchase.

The dogs made their journey to the USA on luxury liners, quartered in plush accommodations and were very well attended during their journey to Needham.
Although the Cranes primarily imported Great Pyrenees, several English Cocker Spaniels, Old English Sheepdogs and Pekingese also came to Knollwood.

The Cranes and their imports are shown here on the S.S. Ile de France, upon their return to the United States.


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