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The First Great Pyrenees Dam in the USA

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Urdos and Blanchette
The first Great Pyrenees Sire and Dam in America
Mary Crane, Basquaerie Great Pyrenees, poses Ch. Urdos de Soum and
Blanchette, the first breeding pair of Great Pyrenees in the USA.
Photograph: February, 1933

Sire: Haro du Givre

w. August 10, 1930
Breeder: Mme. Remier, France

Dam: Pastoure du Givre

Blanchette was the dam of the first Great Pyrenees litter born in the USA. She was also the second bitch imported to the USA for the purpose of establishing the breed in America.

In Great Pyrenees literature about the breed's early days in the USA, this bitch may be cited as "Blanchette" or as "Blanchette du Givre".

Blanchette was imported from France by Mary Crane as the replacement bitch for Anie de Soum. Anie was to have been the first Great Pyrenees dam in America, however she succumbed to distemper just weeks after her arrival.

Blanchette was selected as the replacement bitch for Anie, as Pyrenees of her du Givre line were considered very sturdy and hardy dogs, as the line descended from "the dogs of the mountains".

Blanchette was a blaireau bitch, with badger markings on either side of her head and a badger marking at the root of her tail; Urdos was an all white dog.

Blanchette was a relatively large bitch who would mature to be both a bit taller and heavier bodied Pyrenees than her mate, Urdos.

And to Blanchette goes the honor of being the first Great Pyrenees bitch exhibited in American Kennel Club competition, as well as the first bitch to be awarded American Kennel Club points.

Blanchette was bred to Urdos and the long anticipated first litter in the USA was whelped June 20, 1933!

When her puppies were only one week of age, a most serious infection nearly cost Blanchette her life.

A bitch less hardy or less sturdy than Blanchette may not have survived the infection. Blanchette fully recovered from her very serious infection.

Blanchette was also bred to the large import, Ch. Roland de Careil.

Blanchette was a member of the Basquaerie team of dogs that pulled a sled along winter trails, as was Urdos, her historic breeding partner.

In 1935 the Basquaerie foundation bitch was sold to Mrs. Faye of Maple Rest Farms.

Blanchette was to be a brood matron for the second Great Pyrenees kennel in America.

Her days at Maple Rest Farm were few; Blanchette ingested poison and died.


1930 - 1935

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