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Mary W. Crane
Third Edition

Should this site inspire an in-depth study of Great Pyrenees history, a highly recommended book is THE GREAT PYRENEES, Mary Crane, Third Edition, 1949.

This edition of Crane is as comprehensive, authoritative, and historically well illustrated as any dog breed history book ever sent to press.

When this book is read and reread, one can begin to grasp the enormity of what Mary and Francis Crane did to establish and preserve the Great Pyrenees breed in America, and why their dedication to the Great Pyrenees is truly remarkable.

When you read this book you are on a virtual journey with Mary and Francis Crane as they visit the important Pyrenees kennels in Europe and establish the breed in the United States.

The photographic journey and pictorial record she so generously provided for Pyrenees posterity are unrivaled by any other author.

Mary Crane is visually descriptive and forthright as she tours the kennels of France and Belgium and sees the best as well as the not so best Pyrenees dogs, their breeders and the exhibitors of that era.
A 1930s' dog kennel (Chenil) may consists of just a few Pyrenees  to a dozen or less dogs.

Food for dogs was becoming relatively costly and scare in 1930s' Europe and, veterinary medicine and medical services were unavailable or relatively limited and costly in many regions.

Mary Crane traveled to and was well received by Pyrenees owners in magnificent chateaus and posh accommodations.

Mary Crane traveled to and was well received by Pyrenees owners in rural difficult - to - reach locales that necessitated enduring miles of dirt roads and a lack of facilities and amenities.

No path to see and visit Les Chiens des Pyrenees was too far or difficult for Mary to travel.

During her visits abroad Mary Crane formed friendships and important alliances with French breeders and breed authorities.

They saw in Mary Crane a willing participant in establishing the breed in America and more importantly to some, Mary had an ability to provide a

 "Safe Haven" 

for their dogs and their respective bloodlines as hostilities in Europe appeared imminent.

It is clear that a diverse population of bloodlines was imported to her Knollwood Estate in Needham, Massachusetts as by choice Mary brought over as many representative Pyrenean lines as possible.

Mary Crane acquired and imported the finest dogs and the finest bloodlines available in

Belgium and France.

This edition features 680 pages, numerous illustrations, and two large fold-out charts so important for an in-depth study of the breed.

This is an indispensable book for the Great Pyrenees bookcase.

The first fold-out is "The Offspring of American Champion Urdos de Soum" and the second fold-out is "The Offspring of the Two Famous Imported Brothers", namely Estat and Estagel.

And the 3rd edition has "The Basquaerie Family" photograph as the illustration for the dust jacket cover.

The famous Basquaerie Great Pyrenees Family photograph
Upper Right: Champion Basquaerie Marsous the First American-bred Great Pyrenees Champion in America
Center: Champion Arlette de Truchard of Basquaerie (French import)
Collection of Author
Gift from Paul D Strang
A striking blue and white colorized image of this photograph
was featured on the dust jacket of the Crane Third Edition.

Click Cover for larger '49 image

A brand new copy of the 3rd edition Crane book in it's striking dust jacket was available for $10.00 in the early 1970's from the club she founded.

Later in the 1970's the "new stock" was reported as sold out, and with new stock depleted copies were primarily available through second hand book shops and book dealers.

As the Great Pyrenees population of dogs, of breeders and, as owners and exhibitors was growing so too did the demand for a copy of a 1949 Crane.

The 3rd edition Crane was occasionally offered in the open marketplace priced up to the several hundred dollar range and, copies did sell up to that range for many years.

A private concern reprinted the 1949 Crane book for public sale and, the growth of the internet also saw a rise in the number of used copies readily and easily available for purchase.

With copies readily available the recent price range declined to a $100 - 200.00 - ish range with top notch copies in V. G. - F. condition, wearing a pristine dust wrapper,or perhaps with a star studded provenance holding the top market prices.

The other two editions of the Crane book were published in 1941 and 1936. All three editions are long out-of-print. All three editions are exceptional dog breed history books by any measure; the Third Edition is recommended as it is the most comprehensive and more readily available of the three Crane editions in the antiquarian marketplace. Also, this Crane edition has been reprinted.
Click Cover for larger '41 image
Click Cover for larger '36 image

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