Snowbear Great Pyrenees
Judge: Breed Founder Mary Crane
Handler: Mr. Robert Forsyth
"He'll Do"
Glacier was usually shown by the incomparable handler, Mr. Bob Forsyth.

Seaver recalled the occasion when he and Edie took Glacier to Bob's kennel to show him Glacier and engage his professional handling services.

Bob spent a moment or so looking Glacier over, and then asked Seaver to gait Glacier "down and back" in the driveway.

Seaver and Glacier did a quick down and back.

Looking at Seaver and Edie with a wide grin, Bob simply stated "He'll do".

He did.

Bob and Glacier embarked on their Great Pyrenees record setting show career.

Glacier was shown three years from his first show to his final show.

As anticipated, Glacier was instrumental in establishing for many judges the image of a proper Great Pyrenees.

At what was to be his final dog show, Glacier had a slight limp.

Seven days later this magnificant dog was lost to bone cancer.


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