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We hosted Quibbletown OnLine with Mr. C. Seaver Smith

The opportunity to present Quibbletown OnLine with Mr. C. Seaver Smith was an honor and a pleasure.

Mr. Smith was America's premier breed authority, breed judge, and together with his wife Edie the most influential Great Pyrenees breeders in American history.

In 1997 we asked Seaver if we could dedicate our new website to Edie, in commemoration of her unrivaled dedication and achievements in Great Pyrenees.

Seaver was immediately agreeable to the Dedication, and following several discussions he also "signed on" to become an active participant with our website.

Hence was born "Quibbletown OnLine with Mr. C. Seaver Smith".

Quibbletown OnLine with Mr. C. Seaver Smith was comprised of 3 parts:

1. Original breed articles written by Seaver expressly for our website;

2. A number of rare and historic Great Pyrenees photographs from the Quibbletown archives, many being published for the first time; and

3. An email opportunity for visitors to correspond with Seaver via an email box we monitored on his behalf, and ask questions of or send comments to Seaver.

In 1997 we were one of the largest and most comprehensive Great Pyrenees websites, as we published about 80 pages packed full of Great Pyrenees materials covering a wide range of topics and, bringing Quibbletown and Seaver online to the Great Pyrenees and dog loving public.

As the age of the computer was slowly emerging in the dog fancy, our website launch and Seaver's now "world wide availability at the click of a mouse" was perfectly timed!

Mr. Smith graciously shared with our visitors his immense breed and dog knowledge, and his observations and opinions accumulated over a five decade career of incomparable contributions to Great Pyrenees through his original articles for this website.

Seaver also provided our visitors with a variety of previously unpublished, rare photographs of many Quibbletown dogs as well as many famous and influential dogs of Cote de Neige, La Colina, Combermere, La Shan, Basquaerie and other kennels of his era.

His original articles and his historic photographs made QUIBBLETOWN ONLINE a vital asset of our website as it provided an unique opportunity to learn from and to correspond with a breed icon.

Seaver received emails directly from, or sent on behalf of:
  • Past show ring competitors from the '40s, '50s, '60s and '70's;
  • Former dog show judges and also then current dog show judges;
  • Former and current dog show handlers;
  • Past owners of Quibbletown puppies; and
  • Past friends, neighbors and employees

And emails from folks around the world who enjoyed reading and learning from his articles, viewing his historic photographs and wanted to ask questions and express their thanks!

Quibbletown OnLine was also very well received by an occasional dog historian, dog author and dog artist, who ventured into our website.

The dog historians, dog authors and dog artists posed a variety of questions to Seaver including queries about:
  • The Morris & Essex dog show - we will never see another show like this again;
  • Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge, Seaver and Edie thought quite highly of her and had visited Giralda several times;
  • Alva Rosenberg - the best dog man ever, period and their personal friend;
  • William Kendrick, Billy was an interesting and colorful top tier dog man and their personal friend;
  • Percy Roberts, a top handler, kennel manager, importer and judge;
  • Henry Stoecker, a top handler, kennel manager, importer and judge;
  • Mrs. Sherman Hoyt - Blakeen - a top dog exhibitor, friend and judge;
  • Louis Murr - the Basque who knew the Pyrenees breed in France and a top exhibitor (Borzoi) and dog show judge;
  • Maud Earl, the great dog and animal artist - a "Maud Earl" painting graced their living room;
  • Rudolph Tauskey, the famed photographer who did a photo shoot at Quibbletown;
  • And others who rank in the upper rungs of dog illuminaries.

Relatives too, of "old dog illuminaries" would occasionally email Seaver seeking insights and comments about their "famous dog relatives" they never had an opportunity to meet.

As Seaver did not use the computer per se we would hard copy/print his email correspondence every week or two and mail 'em off to Taunton.

This was really "on par" with the number of emails sent to Seaver by relatives or friends of the correspondent who like-wise did not "do the computer".

Seaver, always the gentleman, replied to virtually all of his emails by personally writing and mailing a reply or having us reply on his behest via his email and noted as "on his behalf".

Seaver truly enjoyed the opportunity to share with all interested persons his Quibbletown OnLIne articles, photographs, and memories.

His passing in 2002 was an immense loss to all who knew this remarkable man.



Ch Quibbletown Jim Dandy
Seaver's first Quibbletown OnLine contribution,
was very popular and remains available for review.


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