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Steve Berman

We salute Urdos as the pioneer Great Pyrenees in American breed history.

To Urdos goes the distinction of being America's first Champion Great Pyrenees, and the added distinction of being the first sire in American Great Pyrenees history.

Mary Crane referred to Urdos as the "Father of the Great Pyrenees in America".

Urdos was imported to America by breed founder Mary Crane, along with Anie de Soum, to her estate in Massachusettes, Knollwood, in the Fall of 1931.

Urdos was specifically selected and imported to be the foundation stud dog and Anie was selected and imported to be the foundation dam in America.

Anie de Soum, unfortunately, was lost to distemper before she and Urdos could produce their anticipated litter.

The breeder of Urdos and Anie was the famed and influential French breeder, Mons. A. Cazaux-Moutou, Chenil de Soum, Lourdes, France.

The selection and importation of Urdos as the American foundation sire was a most fortuitous decision. Based on his pedigree and breed type Urdos was representative of the de Soum line with outstanding Langladure and influential de Betpouey lines directly behind him.

The following is an original Basquaerie Kennels Stud Card
from the collection of the author.
Front of card above, Inside front below

Mary Crane considered Urdos an outstanding representative of breed type. Urdos was blessed with a lovely head and dark eyes and a true and elusive Pyrenean expression. Urdos carried a heavy coat with the proper weather resistant texture, properly fit to the body.

At the prestigious Eastern Dog Club Show, on February 21, 1932, Urdos was shown in the Miscellaneous class under judge Enno Meyer. This launched the exhibition of Great Pyrenees at American Kennel Club dog shows.

It was at the world renown Westminster Kennel Club Show, in February of 1933, that Urdos was next exhibited, again in Miscellaneous Class to judge Enno Meyer. Urdos was very popular with Westminster and dog show regulars, as well as the general public.

That show was followed by a final entry in Miscellaneous Class under judge Frank Addyman, at Eastern again, in February of 1933. The American Kennel Club approved the breed for point and championship competition in February of 1933, making way for the beginning of true breed competition.

Urdos was entered and competed at Worcestor Co. K.C., Worcestor, MA., in April of 1933, the first show now offering championship point competition. However, not enough competition for points was available.

Inside back above, back of card below

At Middlesex County K. C., Cambridge, MA., in May of 1933, Urdos won his first and the breed's first American Kennel Club points. Judge L. J. Iriberry awarded Urdos Winner's Dog, Best Of Winners, and Best Of Breed, for 2 points toward his American Kennel Club Championship.

On June 3rd, 1933, Urdos placed 4th in the Working Group at the Ladie's Kennel Club Show, the first time a Great Pyrenees had been award a Working Group placement.

On June 20, 1933, the first litter of Great Pyrenees ever born in America was whelped, a litter sired by Urdos out of Blanchette. Urdos went on to sire several more litters of puppies who earned distinction in our breed.

Mrs. Crane continued to show Urdos on the East Coast, and judges Mr. F. T. Eskrigge, Mr. T. Offerman, Mrs. T. E. L. Kemp, Mr. Alton Rost,and Mr. W. F. Ford, awarded Urdos points toward his championship. Mr. Eskrigge and Mrs. Kemp each judged Urdos twice and awarded points to Urdos on each occasion.

In February of 1934, at the Eastern Dog Club Show, Urdos was in competition and very close to completing his Championship. When Mrs. Kemp made her final examination of all the Pyrs in her ring that day, and selected Urdos her Winners Dog, Best Of Winners, and of course Best Of Breed, she bestowed upon Urdos the first Championship in American breed history.

In the Working Group, Urdos became an important competitor, as he was to win the Working Group 5 times, and set a breed record that lasted for many years.


Reflecting back on Urdos, Mary Crane told me how very pleased and delighted she was with her pioneer show dog and sire.

Urdos truly was an outstanding show dog and sire, and to this lovely dog we are indebted for launching the breed in America.

Ch Urdos De Soum
Painting by noted artist S. Edwin Megargee for Mr. & Mrs. Francis V. Crane
Painting donated by Mrs. Crane to the American Kennel Club
May 20, 1931 - March 17, 1943

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