Snowbear Great Pyrenees

What a difference a week makes! The five have gained between 1lb. 1 oz. and 1lb. 8 ozs. They are noticeably bigger all around.

The size of the litter and Ramona's quality and quantity of milk allow for maximum growth and development.

All five have their eyes open, as normally occurs between 10-14 days of age. And, all can get up on all fours and move around a little bit, though far from quick or agile.

Ramona is a very savvy dam, and changes the side she lays on throughout the day and night. This allows the pups to suckle from a variety of milk full teats. She has more than an ample milk supply for all of her puppies.

You might also note the very dark, almost black color of her double dew claws, on the lower left side of the photograph.

Post-dinner nap enjoyed by two adventurous sisters. They crawled over to the artificial lambswool rug in the whelping pen.

Meanwhile, these three stay-at-home sisters are enjoying their post-dinner nap with mom! Note Ramona's nearly black toe nails.


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