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The pup's daily growth is evident as the young pack curls up with mom. Their eyes now focus on everything and they can move around and explore everything. Their bodies are taking shape, filling out, and they are beginning to interact and play quite a bit with each other and their mom.

The puppies are all "marked", or known to breeders as "blaireau". The litter has beautiful, rich markings and superb nose, lip, and eye rim pigmentation!

 The Puppies First Real Deal Meal!

At 3 weeks the puppies are introduced to their "first meal", a mixture of ground puppy chow, Esbilac, and water.

The puppies still nurse Ramona although this is the beginning of weaning from their mom as they move to a puppy food diet.

Usually the "first meal" has puppies stepping into the meal, slopping around, and making quite a mess. The food pan is on a large towel, and rugs for firm footing are under the towel. They did great on their first meal!

Pretty typical of 3 week old pups, a couple are sleeping, and a couple of others want to play. "Mouthing" each other is common at this age, as the pup on the upper right "mouths" the muzzel of her sister. On the left another pup wants to play with the ear of her sleeping sister, while a puppy on the lower right just sleeps away. Mom just watches as the brood learns to play and interact.


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