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Today is a big day in the life of the 5 puppies, now 4 1/2 weeks old.

They will be going outside to play and explore the outside world. They have been in a few rooms throughout the house, as they begin their acclimation to the real world.

It is the end of August, the day is nice and comfortable, not too hot or sunny, so it is the perfect day to meet the outside world.

The photo is unposed, most of the gang just woke up, and the 5th puppy is still asleep with her tail barely visible behind the puppy on the far left.

The pups will now begin to spend time outside daily, going out to play and explore 2 or 3 times each day. They continue to sleep inside at night, and Ramona joins them in the evening.

The pups are weaned, eating solid puppy food, chewing on dog toys, and playing with each other. They now are becoming quite interactive with us, and enjoy time with people.


Outside at last! The pups are introduced to a grassy, shaded area, and after a few reassurances, are allowed to roam and explore the outdoor world. The area is completely fenced in, the pups are supervised, and fresh water is available at all times.

The puppy on the left above is the 2nd puppy from the right in the first photo. The puppy on the right above is the puppy on the far left in the first photo.


This young babe was the first to take off and see the world. She romped around and quite enjoyed her adventure in the grass and under the tree in the background. She is the puppy on the furthest right in the opening photo.


After 15 minutes or so of romping, she decided to catch a little rest and relax in the cool grass and shade.


This babe is quite alert as she spotted several wild turkeys in the adjoining pasture.

After a few seconds she let out a high pitched little Pyr bark. That of course got the nearby adults barking, and away went the turkeys to a less Pyr traveled area.


This young lady had quite an outing and after a lot of play and exploration reclines in a shady area.

The first outing for the gang was very successful, each played with others and each wandered off on their own, showing their early signs of Great Pyrenees independence.


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